Sexual Harassment Training Mandate in IL

Greg Adzia / Accounting Services / September 9, 2021

Did you know that Illinois requires ANNUAL sexual harassment training for all Illinois employers? According to Senate Bill 75, Public Act 101-0221 from August 2019 reads:

Under this Act, Illinois employers are required to train employees on sexual harassment prevention by December 31, 2020, and on an annual basis thereafter. This requirement applies to all employers with employees working in this State. Employers must either develop their own sexual harassment prevention training program that equals or exceeds the minimum standards for sexual harassment prevention training outlined in Section 2-109(B) of the Illinois Human Rights Act (IHRA), or they may use the model training provided by the IDHR.

In addition to providing the sexual harassment prevention training described above, restaurants and bars are required to provide supplemental sexual harassment prevention training that complies with Section 2-110 of the IHRA. Illinois restaurants and bars must either develop their own supplemental training or utilize the model training provided by the IDHR. The IDHR’s supplemental training model for restaurants and bars is forthcoming.

For more resources and information on training your employees, you can visit the website. You’ll find downloadable training programs, videos, how to record compliance, guidelines for in-house training and a list of resources to help ensure you stay compliant.