Advance Child Tax Credit Discrepancy

Greg Adzia / Accounting Services / May 26, 2022

If the IRS has sent you a Letter 6419 for an amount that differs from what you actually received you may want to initiate a trace using form 3911.

The IRS has posted instructions on how to request a trace in the final question on this link: 2021 Child Tax Credit and Advance Child Tax Credit Payments

We recommend you print out an account transcript for 2021, identify the payments that were not received and include the transcript with your form.  To see how to obtain an IRS transcript please follow this link.

To assist with the preparation of form 3911 we have a link to the form as well an example of what it should look like when completed.

Please make sure to sign and date the certification on the second page.

Once completed and signed please mail the form to your corresponding states address below.

Form 3911 (Rev. 1-2018) (